Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Natural Spotlight

My hair, I had this thought today, that since I've been blogging out of everything I've spoken about I haven't really touched on my hair. Which is a bit of a shame I think, as I spend so much time trying different things with it. I am actually fully natural and have been on the 'journey' since 2007. While traveling around the world I had braids and once we got to Brazil I decided to take out the plaits and never relax my hair again. It was as simple as that and I've never looked back since. Some days I'm happy with my hair other days I'm not. I love reading blogs that celebrate natural hairstyles and trust me there are a lot! But other times I do think I'm a traitor because I press my hair and wear weaves sometimes. I just could not be natural every day of the year. I like to change it about too much. But if you are looking for inspiration two of my favourite blogs are Naturally Obsessed and Lecoil 

This advert that I saw on Currently Obsessed says it all. It's actually for anti-drug website but the message is still strong in all aspects of life. Be a trendsetter.

P.S. I'll try and do more posts with my natural hair! xx


  1. "Some days I'm happy with my hair other days I'm not." - Ooooh gurl that is me to a T!! lol. There shouldn't be any shame to the fact that you haven't highlighted it on your blog or that you press it out/wear weaves sometimes! People with straight hair curl or dye theirs too every now + then too.

    But anywho, let me stop before I start looking for a soapbox ;) Congrats on your 3 years!! I like looking at inspiration too, so if you do them in the future, I'm looking forward to it ^_^


  2. Thank you Raven, I think somethimes it just seems a shame that I spent all that time getting rid of it and don't take the time to appreciate it.

    I love the journey photos as well, if I can find enough I might do one, could be fun! :) x