Sunday, 17 October 2010


I brought this coat and some other bits from Modcloth last year. As it's an American site I personally can not afford to order from them all the time. Their prices are good and delivery was reasonable but I got absolutely slaughtered paying the tax once it arrived. I still love going on their website and looking at all of their beautiful things. They not only sell clothes but a life style, catering for the home and body. They always promote each feature in a uniquely creative way ranging from illustration to fantastic use of typography and photography. The bag is a vintage vanity case which I love because of the unique shape. Instead of being round it's actually shaped like a tear drop.



  1. That vintage bag is gorgeous! I always find myself leaning more towards vintage bags as opposed to contemporary ones.

  2. Thank you! I am really getting a bit bad with vintage bags at the moment! lol x

  3. I'm always eyeing up things on Modcloth, everything they have is just so cool... unfortunately I thought customs might be an issue, it dissuades me from buying anything from abroad. That bag is beautiful though, and I love the tights too :)