Sunday, 4 April 2010


This bank holiday saw the first American Apparel Swag sell in London. And from the way the first day went... I thought it was going to be the last! People went absolutely crazy! With more people turning up then I they had anticipated. Luckily I was at work otherwise I sooo would have been there too ( I love a bargain).

I did however manage the capture the crazy antics on YOUTUBE:

It looks bad, I know! But because of this everyone was untitled to a 25% discount which I happily took advantage of.

Then on the Saturday I went down with my friend Chantelle. They opened early and I got a few bargains which included Cotton Spandex Jersey Deep U Dress , two Poplin Cross-Front Dresses and Cotton Spandex Micro-Mesh Gloria-V Bodysuit which I honestly do not know where I will wear but, you know, what you gonna do? lol

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